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Dev Projects

A collection of hackaton and personal projects. Work in progress.

Evolutionary Rochambeau

A web game built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This game is based off the rules of rock paper scissors, however it is themed to the evolutionary version seen in the Common Side-Blotched Lizard. You play as a male lizard facing off with another in competition of a female mate. 

Created as part of The Odin Project.

Lite Brite Square

A web game built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Sketch pad web game with a Lite Brite theme. 

Created as part of The Odin Project.



Urbanization is a threat to local ecosystems, impacts include habitat loss, fragmentation of green space, and an increase in invasive species.  My team and I created Flora, which leverages homeowners’ gardens to address this issue. Flora takes a user’s location and generates garden recommendation for plant species which will benefit their local ecosystem.

Created during Ellehacks 2023. 

Study Buddies

YorkU's large student body makes it difficult for students to connect with their peers. We designed an application for students to easily connect with others in the community to find study partners. 

Created during CSHub Local Hack Day 2023. 

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study buddy2.png
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