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UAV Orthomosaic Image and DTM Generation of a Banana Plant in the Congo

A photogrammetry project where a set of 15 images taken of a banana plant in the Congo from an unmanned aerial vehicle where merged together to create an orthomosaic image and DTM. CalibCam was used create the orthophoto. 3DM Analyst was used to merge and smooth the DTM.

This image shows the absolute orientation of  the project generated after the exterior free network positioned the cameras relative to each other. However, the actual GPS coordinates are provided with the text file that was loaded in as the control points. Therefore, a control network was ran to correct the camera positions to the their actual GPS position.

This image shows the merged and filtered DTM. Observing the orthophoto in 3D view exposed the defects in the DTM. The defects were strongest on the vegetation and sides of the buildings, it was apparent that poorly modelled areas lack triangles in the mesh. This is a side effect of nadir photogrammetry, since data in only getting collected straight down, oblique angles suffer. 

The following show the final result; A nadair and oblique perspective of the merged textured DTM with road features outlined in yellow and buildings in  orange.

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